Why is it worth to install a security system in your home

The question many ask is if it’s worth it to install a home security system despite the cost one could incur when installing it. The answer is yes and we are going to take a look at the reasons that will shred a definitive light on the matter.

The other question that one should make is, how often do a burglary happen? The answer to this question may help you understand a little better the importance of installing a security system: a burglary happens every 13 seconds in the US and every 40 seconds in the UK.

Reasons why you should get a security system

  1. Many studies, in which interviews with former felons were made, make clear that the first thing that will deter thieves from entering a property is a camera security system. A big dog barking is close second but when you go on vacation it’s probably not going to happen that you’ll leave your beloved doggy friend home alone, and that’s a very first reason why a security system installation is worth it.
  2. The second reason why you it is worth it to install a security system is that when your camera catches a thief in action, the chances to identify the felon and to get back at least part of your stuff increase exponentially. As interviews with thieves show, hooded criminals are something closer to Hollywood fiction than to reality. Most of the thieves looks like you and I, simple people walking the street that, contrary to you and I, is constantly seeking an opportunity to “show” their skills. That’s correct, majority of thieves usually improvise and don’t go around walking with a hood in their pocket.
  3. We mentioned most burglars are not professionals, this means that having a system security installed in your home will probably deter them to enter your place as they will look up for a better opportunity: a house without a security system. It can happen although that a thief decide to enter your property when he doesn’t detect the presence of a camera, but as soon as an alarm is triggered, he will assume that the risk of being caught would be too high so he will get out of there without even trying to rob you. This means that even if you don’t install a camera (something we, nevertheless, strongly recommend to do), having a home security system is worth it as it will scare off a burglar that is already inside your house.
  4. Another important reason why a security system is worth it, is may be the most important one. Peace of mind. We usually talk about having peace of mind when you are home and when you are out of it. Peace of mind shouldn’t be overrated when you have to make the decision of whether the cost of a security system is worth it. It is a fact that knowing our house is protected when we are outside (and also when we are inside of it), helps us to feel more secure. It is a fact that when we are at work and we know that our children are already at home, it gives us peace of mind to be able to access the security system of our house from a smart device on the palm of our hands in order to monitor the situation and know everything is going well. Peace of mind is extremely important and a security system can provide that for us, so under this point, we can affirm that a security is totally worth it.
  5. Lowering house insurance is also a reason worth mentioning when it comes to why you should install a security system in your home. While not all insurance company will give you a big discount (and that would be determined on the installation you have, will depend on if the system is connected to a monitoring station, etc), it is believed that having a security system can, on average, decrease your insurance cost up to 20%.

Points 2 and 3, are very similar so you may ask why to spend money on a security system if a camera could be enough. The truth is that by the time the burglar runs into your home security system, he has probably already done some kind of damage to the property, either by forcing a door, breaking a window or destroying the garage lock. This type of damages probably means, in the long run, an expense greater than the investment required to install a security camera of good quality that could help deter crime. That’s why we strongly recommend to install a camera as the cost of buying and installing one is definitely worth it.

Cameras paired with light sensors are what can really make a difference here. As one former burglar said in an interview for an online security magazine, “if you walk into a garden and the light goes on, and the first thing you see is, ‘Smile, you are now on CCTV’ then, yes, that stops you in your tracks, and the smart home security cameras are brilliant. They’re effective”. In our blog we talked in an article called “Video Surveillance and CCTV” about the different benefits of having such a system, the types of cameras and where you can find them, so if you are interested, you should take a look at it as it’s going to be extremely helpful in order to decide if a camera security system is worth it or not.

The cost of a security system

Even if you can agree with all the points mentioned above, there is something that will undoubtedly influence your decision to install or not a security system. The cost of it.

The range of prices is wide, you can go from 100 dollars for a couple of cameras up to 2000 and more for a home automated system that could includes smoke, fire and leak detectors, glass breaking sensors and movement sensors paires as well with high quality cameras. The biggest price difference will be in whether the system we install is professional or so-called “do it yourself”.

Professional System or DIY System?

When we talk about a “professional system”, we are talking about those home security systems provided by recognized security companies, something we talked much on Alarmadoo.com. On the other hand, “DIY” systems consists of a security system generally not connected to any monitoring center and that is assembled by ourselves with different elements (cameras, sensors, etc.) that are then connected to a software that allows us to control the system from a smart device.

The installation of the system, even for professional systems, many times is done by customers as most of the devices are usually easy to install. However in systems delivered by companies such as ADT, Protect America, Nest, Vivint and many more, your system is connected to a monitoring station that is in charge of making sure your home is protected 24/7 as those companies offer many times direct connection with the authorities so that if something is going on at your place, the response time is the shortest possible.

Of course the differences and benefits between a professional and a DIY security system are many so we strongly recommend to take a quick look at the segment “DIY vs Professional Installation” in our article regarding Alarm System for Business, as the concept works well also for home security systems.

However it’s useful to point out that when you go for a DIY system you might have more “freedom” at selecting what should and shouldn’t be included in your home security system, and while you can start building from little (maybe just a couple of cameras and a motion sensor) and then add over time more features, the amount of money you will have to put upfront and at once could be higher than if you decide to go for a professional system. Many companies offer the possibility to pay the equipment on a monthly basis alongside the monthly fee for the monitoring service and some others, when signing a multiple-year contract, could offer the equipment for free. Another pro to having a professional system is that most companies offer a lifetime warranty for the devices they provide, something that on the long run could be very useful.

The monthly cost of a security system

One last thing to take into account when deciding whether is worth it to install a security system or not is to look at monthly fees for the services a company can charge you. Of course, having a company with a reliable monitoring station is a great thing but there are costs behind that and sometimes we may not be able to afford those costs. The average cost for a good home security package is between $ 25/30 a month and usually it includes professional video monitoring, something we are really fond of.

However, in case you think that paying that much is not something you are willing to do, we recommend to go for a strong “DIY” camera security system with a few sensors, something that will definitely help the cause of possible thieves staying far from your house.

If you are interested in exploring the options of a professional security system or you just want to know more about it, we recommend to check our “Best home security systems of 2018” article, where you are going to find many answers that will eventually help you decide if installing a security system in your house is worth it or not.