How to protect an Office Building

While many of you may be familiar with home and small business security systems, an office building security system is on another level.

First of all you need to think about securing entrances on different levels. You want to have metal detectors or doors that will open only with a proper tag. You want to give access to certain parts of the building according to the needs of the personnel. You want to have motion sensor in specific areas and you want to have glass breaking detectors and of course the right amount of cameras on a CCTV so that a center monitoring can have under control every inch and every movement happening in the building.

Access control, the first shield of defense

A card access system is what you want to have in order to increase the security of an office building. Only employees or accredited guests will have the proper card in order to access the building main entrance and, with proper configuration and authorization, will have access to restricted areas according to their position within the offices. As many experts say, “access control [through a card access system] is a safe way to deter undesirables from entering your building”.

Access Turnstiles

An access turnstile is a gate which allows one person to pass at a time and that usually is placed in order to restrict passage only to people who have the proper access card. It is common to see access turnstiles in most building and there are of different types. Waist high turnstiles can be found in embassies and government offices such as the U.S. Capitol among other places, while some universities will prefer to place optical turnstiles in their entrances and some high profile companies will have barrier optical turnstiles in the access of top floors reserved to high management personnel

Security Guards

Another thing you should consider when it comes to security in a corporate building is to have the proper personnel to ensure there’s a first line of defense in case something unpleasant happens. Some of the top security companies in the U.S. can also provide properly trained security guard and if in the building you are seeking a new security system you deal with sensitive information or goods, security guards are an option you may want to consider.

Elevator Access Control and Door Security

A smart thing to do when it comes to big buildings with multiple elevators, is to equip them with an access control through a RFID card so that only authorized personnel can move around the building. With proper configuration, each card will allow the holder to access only the floors he/she is suppose to access. This way it will be possible to avoid elevator and floor traffic on one hand and on the other the building will be loitering free.

The same logic and system can be applied to doors, not all doors are created equals as not everyone in a corporate building should be able to enter all doors. A proper access control system will also allow a specific person to open a specific door with his own tag, making impossible to open non-authorized segments of the building. On top of it some sensitive areas need to be equipped with properly doors meaning that the lock system should be different in this type of doors (more sophisticated and secure) than for example the doors that take you to the waiting room or a bathroom.

Cameras and detectors, an essential part of corporate security system

The second “shield of defense” when it comes to offices/corporate buildings are cameras and detectors of different kinds. From fire and smoke detectors, to leak detectors and from motion sensors to glass breaking sensors. Those sensors are always designed to give an alert as soon as a situation presents. Of course, cameras are also very important and at Alarmadoo we think that when it comes to security for office buildings/corporate buildings, top of the art cameras are a must.


When it comes to securing a corporate buildings you want to get the best available in the market. Entries and movement of the nearby outside is something you want to constant monitor. You may want to thing about getting a full NEST service as their IP outdoor camera is one of the best out there. The Google affiliate security provider is not cheap but the cloud access along with other camera features and the quality of the camera itself are worth the price when it comes to office building security. Another option is the outdoor camera distributed by Netatmo, the Netatmo Presence, a camera that “can differentiate between the movement of a car, a person, or an animal, so that your alerts are more specific”.This 24-hour HD security camera also has a strong security light that gets activated when motion is detected.

When it comes to indoor cameras, a CCTV is what is recommended for this type of buildings, almost every camera can be linked to a CCTV and while, again, NEST offers top of the line advantage, there are other manufacturers like Foscam, Netgear, Hikvision, Panasonic, Samsung and of course D-Link, that offer great solutions. From dome cameras to HD IP cameras to bullet cameras (although they might not suit very well the nature of a corporate building as discretion should be a must in this type of buildings).

There are plenty of outdoor cameras to get the proper monitoring of the entrances, and indoor cameras to have a great CCTV circuit that will provide the central monitoring station with all it needs to respond quickly to emergencies, we mentioned just two, but we recommend to take a look at some of our articles where we talk the specifics about cameras, their type and their manufacturers.

Smoke, Fire and Water/Leak detectors

This kind of detector usually work by detecting a rise in the temperature (fire/heat sensors), by listening to a frequency that is transmitted by a leak and by detecting it (water sensors) or by detecting the amount of carbon monoxide particle in the air over time (CO detector).
This type of sensor are a must and you want to go for the most sophisticated ones as detecting a fire or a leak rapidly can make you save millions in damages. More information on this type of product can be found in our segment regarding Business Security Systems.

Motion detectors and Glass breaking sensors

Motion detectors, are devices that can be seen as a line of defense for closing hours as well as for sensitive areas where access is very limited and you want to have full control and monitor. This devices are prepared to detect physical and or kinetic movement within a certain radius and weight. The technology behind a motion sensor in the security industry is usually infrared or microwave. Basically if someone passes in front of this kind of detectors the alarm will be triggered and you and the monitoring station will be alerted. This kind of equipment are a must in corporate security as when the alarm is triggered the central monitoring station is immediately alerted and they can remotely intervene while they call the proper authorities.

On the other hand, Glass breaking sensors are devices that “listen” to a specific acoustical frequency that is generated when a glass breaks. The more sophisticated detectors are equipped with a dual tech that allows to listen to both flex and audio frequencies so this way the sensor can “discriminate” between a real window breaking and a similar sound (maybe an object that has fallen from the hands of an employee and has crashed to the floor). Have in mind that a Glass Break Detector usually has a 25 ft radius in any direction which allow a single detector to monitor more than one window. While probably someone that wants to enter and steal something from a corporate building won’t shatter a window in order to enter the building, having this kind of tech is always a good thing also due to the relatively low cost of the equipment.