The company

Vivint is a company that was acquired by the Blackstone Group in 2012 for over 2 Billion.

Founded in 1999 by Todd Petersen and Keith Nellesen under the name APX Alarm, the company rebranded into Vivint in 2010. The main goal of the company then became to “help create a smarter home with products that simplify your life”. And while home security is an important part of Vivint, it is fair to say that the innovation they are bringing into energy management and home automation outstands among the companies of this ranking. This comes to no surprise for those who knows who Todd Petersen is. The current CEO is a 49 years old entrepreneur that was named by Ernst & Young “Entrepreneur of the Year” in 2010 in the services category for the Utah Region. That was the year when Vivint launched an innovation center for “the development of new smart home technology”, through this path he was able to put Vivint, in 2017, among the World’s 50 Most Innovative Companies (according to Fast Company).

While Vivint has had some legal issues in the past due to deceptive marketing practices, they have shown responsibility and a will to make the proper changes in order to consolidate their position as one of the top companies in the home alarm security market. The company also acquired the name rights to the home court where the Utah Jazz, the NBA franchise worldly famous thanks to the historic duo Stockton-Malone, play: the Vivint Smart Home Arena. They have also added a new sensory room for children with autism spectrum disorder. While some might consider this a non-important feature, we think it shows the huge aspirations of the company.

Their commitment is reassured by betting on innovation and establishing partnerships with other top brands in the home automation sector. It is not a coincidence that Forbes, back in 2013, ranked Vivint inside the top 50 of America’s Most Promising Companies. It is safe to say that 5 years later, they are delivering.

The good and the bad


  • Home automation
  • Completely wireless
  • Lifetime equipment warranty
  • Outstanding equipment
  • Possibility to finance the equipment acquisition
  • Complete remote access
  • Offers month to month agreement


  • Customer service way below average
  • Contract length is 42 or 60 months
  • Monthly monitoring starts at $39.99

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The tech

We’ve already seen that Vivint Smart Home puts a lot of effort in giving the customer top of the edge products with constant innovation and high quality. The possibility of financing the equipment instead of paying it up front is considered by many a game changer, as you could be able to get what really is best for your home safety and not only what you could afford on a onetime payment.

The design of the equipment is home friendly, and both the packs that you can get from Vivint include an LCD, touch screen control panel with two-way voice communication, door and motion sensors. In addition to this you can purchase different elements such as a smoke alarm, a carbon monoxide detector, glass break detector and cameras. Vivint also offers non-security related items like Vivint’s thermostat and electronic doors.

Let’s take a look at some of the most requested devices by Vivint customers.


Vivint SkyControl Panel

The 7-inch touchscreen of this control panel has an elegant interface, it’s easy to use and, as mentioned above, has the very useful two way talk feature that will allow you to communicate through the panel. With a backup battery and encrypted WiFi, you will definitely feel the main element of your home security system is going to do its job well.

Cost if bought outside the equipment pack: $699

Motion detectors

These motion detectors work with infrared technology, have a 90-degree look down and 110-degree wide-angled spread with 30’ x 50’ range. They are equipped with a 5 year lasting lithium battery and also are pet friendly up to 55 lbs. 

Cost if bought outside the equipment pack: $120

Motion detectors by Vivint

Door / Window sensor

These little guys, despite their size, are equipped with advanced tamper-proof technology. With a lithium battery that will last up to five years, this item will give you dependable security for your home.

Cost if bought outside the equipment pack: $60

Recessed Door Sensor

This very discreet sensor will easily fit in your door or window and will not be easily detected. If someone tries to enter your home when the alarm is armed, this device will trigger activation and let Vivint’s personnel know something is going on so they can alert local authorities.

Cost if bought outside the equipment pack: $60

Recessed door sensor from Vivint
Tilt sensor from Vivint

Tilt Sensor

This sensor is the perfect fit for your garage door as well as for outdoor tool sheds, since you will be able to remotely monitor them. This alarm will not only notify you each time an equipped door opens, but will also fit well with your Vivint home automation system.

Cost if bought outside the equipment pack: $60

Glass Break Detector

This sensor has a 360-degree sensing angle, allowing you to install it on a single window, but it will also be able to monitor multiple windows area. It has two test LEDs, dual shatter recognition technology and is tamper protected. Ideal if you want to feel safer while you are sleeping.

Cost if bought outside the equipment pack: $120

Glass break detector from Vivint
Carbon monoxide detector from Vivint

Carbon Monoxide Detector

This device is equipped with an electrochemical detector designed to identify elevated levels of carbon monoxide quicker than what a usual detector can. This is of course part of the tech development Vivint is investing in. With a built-in 85dB alarm, you will know immediately if something is wrong. Both the sensor life and lithium battery are designed to last 5 years.

Cost if bought outside the equipment pack: $120

Smoke Detector

Equipped with a photoelectric detector, this smoke sensor is able to detect smoke and extreme increases in heat. With this device, through the alert that will be sent to Vivint’s personnel in less than a minute, local authorities will be at your place as soon as as possible in case of fire. The Smoke Detector has a built-in 85dB alarm so you can immediately be alerted.

Cost if bought outside the equipment pack: $120

Smoke detector from Vivint
Ping indoor camera from Vivint

Ping Indoor Camera

Cost if bought outside the equipment pack: $

Outdoor Wireless Camera

With HD resolution, this camera will automatically auto record for 20 seconds when detects movement thanks to Vivint’s Smart Clip technology. The camera has infrared LED vision and can be controlled from the Vivint Smart Home app.  

Cost if bought outside the equipment pack: $299.99

Outdoor wireless camera from Vivint
Doorbell camera from Vivint

Doorbell Camera

With this amazing doorbell camera you will be able to see, hear, and speak to visitors at your door via your smartphone even if you’re not home. Equipped with night vision and a 180-degree view of your front door is all you need in order to know who’s at your door and welcome family and friends.

Cost if bought outside the equipment pack: $199.99

Other equipment

Other devices worth mentioning are the Medical Alert Pendant, the Key Fob (available at $60), Electronic Door Locks (available at $190), Smart Thermostat (available at $129), lighting control and even more. Consult with a Vivint’s agent in order to see what is best for your home and what suits your needs.

The Tech outside the Equipment

What else does Frontpoint offer?

More than just security

As we have remarked over and over, Vivint is more than just a Home Security business. Vivint is a new way to live and enjoy your home. Many are the products that the Utah born company offers to complement the way you can feel safer. One of these products is Sky, Vivint Smart Assistant, an Artificial Intelligence that manages to connect your devices at home and offers a smart geofencing feature. This A.I. has a learning algorithm that uses data from all Vivint’ sensors in your home, your smartphone and system usage, to provide intelligent recommendations to the user such as: telling you that you forgot to arm the alarm, inviting you to set the thermostat at your preferred temperature or, if you program it, let the assistant take those actions for you when you leave or enter your property.

Excellent monitoring centers

Vivint’s Monitoring Centers are also state of the art. In 2017 it was awarded the “Monitoring Center of the Year” by the The Monitoring Association. Located in Provo, Utah and Eagan, Minnesota, the Monitoring Centers provide 24/7 professional monitoring to more than 1.2 million customers across the US and Canada.

The award also recognizes the great work of Vivint’s personnel, always committed to give the best customer experience possible. While we know there have been some issues with this side of the company in the past, we are seeing improvement in the last couple of years.

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The Packs

Two are the packs for home security that Vivint offer to their customers. To know more about which one is the more convenient for you we recommend to talk to a Vivint representative. The high cost of the packages is maybe the weak point of the Utah based company as the competitors might be able to offer customers a slightly cheaper monthly price. Let’s get to know the packages: Smart Home Monitoring, Smart Home Video Monitoring.


Prices, Contracts and Equipment Packages

While the cost of the equipment will be the same for both packages, the monthly fee differs. The Smart Home Monitoring plan can be contracted at $39.99 while the Smart Home Video Monitoring has a monthly recurring price of $49.99. Contracts can be made for 42 or 60 months, and this is the second weak point we find in Vivint’s packages. While it is true the company offers the possibility of a month to month contract, it’s also true that in order to take advantage of this offer, you will need to purchase all the minimum equipment for the packages upfront, at a cost of $549.99.

In case you decide to go with a standard 42/60 months contract you have the possibility of financing the equipment purchase, something that gives Vivint a plus as this is not something usual in the home security marketplace. In case you decide to finance the acquisition of the equipment over the 42 months of your contract, you will pay $13.10 a month plus the monthly fee, while if you finance the acquisition over a 60 months contract you will pay $9.17 a month plus the monthly fee.

Another thing worth noting is the fact that you are not obligated to finance the total amount of the equipment, you can finance a part of it and pay the rest in cash.  

Choose your plan

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Smart Home Monitoring

$ 39
99 Per Month
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Professional Installation
  • Mobile App Access
  • Event Notifications
  • Lock Automation
  • Severe Weather Alerts (Tornado Only)
  • Smart Lights and Home Automation Services
  • Lifetime tech support

Smart Home Video Monitoring

$ 49
99 Per Month
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Professional Installation
  • Mobile App Access
  • Event Notifications
  • Lock Automation
  • Severe Weather Alerts (Tornado Only
  • Smart Lights and Home Automation Services
  • Security Camera Features
  • Lifetime tech support

These two packages differ little when it comes to equipment, the main difference is that since cameras are not included, you will need to purchase them at the cost we’ve seen in the equipment section above; something that will increase the upfront cost of the equipment. Of course, you can finance the purchase of the cameras in this case.

Smart Home Monitoring Vivint Sky Control Panel, Door/Windows Sensors (x2), Motion Sensor (x1)
Smart Home Video Monitoring Vivint Sky Control Panel,, Door/Windows Sensors (x4), Motion Sensor (x1)

As you can see, most of the interesting equipment Vivint has to offer must be purchased aside what is included in the packages, something that will increase the cost but that we think is worth it as long as you can afford it. These are products that will improve not only your home security but also the way you “live” your home.

Our review

When we take a look at Vivint, we know that we are looking beyond just home security, we are looking at a new way to “live” your own home, a place where the future has arrived and where, while protection and security play a big role, home automation is the key. A company that is developing what might be the best for you and your family today and in the years to come.

We have remarked over this article that two are the weakest points of Vivint: Customer Support (which has seen an improvement in recent years) and the cost of the equipment when you decide to heavily enforce home security. The plus is the fact that you can actually finance the purchase of the equipment, making it available to virtually every one.

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