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The tech

When it comes to the equipment for your home security, Link Interactive has probably the widest offer in the market. While you will get a control panel when signing a 3-year contract, in the other cases you will need to pay for your control panel. In any case, whatever you want to install in your security system will be entirely up to you. While having such a big offer from where to choose might be a great thing, things can be a little bit overwhelming due to the many different options you will see. In this case it’s wise to ask everything you might be
interested to know to a Link Interactive salesperson. Their customer service is top rated and they will be always available to answer any question you might have.

Technology is state of the art when it comes to most of the devices used by the Utahn company, we are talking about 2GIG devices, the number one platform for home security and home automation. When it comes to control panels, door sensors, cameras, etc, the choice for Link Interactive compatible devices is big. You might find that maybe a Qolsys control panel can suit you better than a 2GIG Keypad or other compatible main hub. Again, the choice can be overwhelming and this might cause potential customer to shift away to companies that offer equipment packages.

One last thing that you might be aware of is that DIY is of course the way to go for Link Interactive, but that many of the devices the company offers weren’t designed for a DIY so it might be a little hard to install the equipment, not impossible for sure, but if you don’t have quite good handyman skills you will need patience and the help of the customer service on the line while installing every component. That said we remark again that this equipment is state of the art and that if you are looking for a complete customized option, Link Interactive is what you are looking for.

Let’s take a look with more detail to some of the equipment Link Interactive has to offer to their clients.


Go!Control Panel (GC2 Security and
Control Panel)

This is the Control Panel you would get when signing a 3 years contract and is  The touchscreen Control Panel that Link Interactive has as its main one. You will find that this panel is what you need when managing home security and  home automation on one device. It has a 2 way voice communication, allows to monitor up to 60 wireless zones, 64 user codes and 2 wired zones. Intuitive and user friendly, you can control it also from your smart device. It has a built-in 85dB (at 10 feet) siren.

Cost if you buy it outside the equipment pack: $129 to 159

Go!Control3 Panel (GC3 Security and
Control Panel)

When contracting Link Interactive, instead of getting the default control panel you can decide to upgrade your GC2 to GC3, a device that has an upgraded interface and a 7” touchscreen and a resolution of 800×480 pixels. The software gets periodical updates and the Go!Control3 allows to monitor up to 100 wireless zones. Arming and disarming has never been that easy as you can do it with just one touch.

Cost if you buy it outside the equipment pack: $220 (upgrade when contracting link is $200)

Qolsys IQ Panel

Like the control panel above, the Qolsys IQ has a 7” touchscreen that is very intuitive and easy to use. It is a equipped with a camera that will take a picture When someones tries to disarm the the system or when there’s an alarm event, is compatible and gives you complete control over your house thanks to the built-in Z- wave system. It has of course, like you expect from a company that makes state of the art technology, two way communication and has over the air software updates.

Cost if you buy it outside the equipment pack: $100 (special price from Link Interactive)

Door/Window Sensor (DW10)

This very discreet sensor (is only ¾” wide) can be used in every window or door you might have in your home including small cabinets. It uses a rare earth magnet that will send a signal to the control panel when the position of the magnet changes and is
equipped with a cover tamper while communicates with the control panel using the 375 MHz frequency.

Cost if you buy it outside the equipment pack: $22

Recessed Door/Window Sensor(DW20R)

It works very similar to the DW10 when it comes to the communication frequency, the rare earth magnet and the way it alerts the control panel about the magnet position. The main difference is the fact that the wireless signal range of the DW20R is 450 feet in open air while the DW10 has 350.

Cost if you buy it outside the equipment pack: $34

Bypass Door/Window Sensor (DW40)

Very similar to those above with the main difference that this sensors are designed for those doors that needs to be temporarily
bypassed to serve as an entry door to an armed zone. It has a hidden button that when pressed will allow you to open the door once without disarming the alarm. This option can of course be disabled and you can use the DW40 as a normal door/window sensor.

Cost if you buy it outside the equipment pack: $26

Motion Detector (PIR1)

This device passive infrared motion detector has a 30 feet deep x 50 feet wide range, is pet friendly up to 55 lbs, has a 90 degree look down and 110 degree angle spread. Is tamper protected and will immediately alert you in case of intrusion since it communicates with the control panel using the 375 MHz frequency.

Cost if you buy it outside the equipment pack: $53

Motion Detector (2GIG Image2)

This sensor can be paired only with the Go!Control3 Panel and is equipped with a camera with infrared flash that will capture images when detection movement sending the images directly to your smart device through text and email. You can configure the sensibility in order to be pet friendly.
The camera has a resolution of 320×240.

Cost if you buy it outside the equipment pack: $126

Glass Break Detector (GB1)

The GB1 is prepared to detect the sound of breaking glass (360 degrees) and up to a distance of 15 feet (with no interference between the sensor and the glasses). Can be very useful when you need to cover an area with many different windows as you will save quite some money if you go for one GB1 instead of multiple window sensors.

Cost if you buy it outside the equipment pack: $69

Smoke/Heat/Freeze Sensor (SMKT3)

Cost if you buy it outside the equipment pack: $66

Powered with 3AAA batteries this device is a 3 in 1 device. Where other companies rely on smoke detectors, heat and freeze sensors separately, Link Interactive, thanks to 2GIG offers a complete solution. It has a built-in wireless transmitter that communicates with the control panel. When smoke, extreme heat or cold is detected, a loud siren will go off. Works within a 35 feet range.

Carbon Monoxide Detector (CO3)

The CO3 is equipped with an electrochemical carbon monoxide sensor coupled with a wireless transmitter. It communicates with the control panel and has an 85dB siren.

Cost if you buy it outside the equipment pack: $80

ADC V721W outdoor Camera

This is one of the best outdoor cameras that Link Interactive offers to its customers. HD 720p live and recorded video that you will be able to monitor through your pc or smart device thanks to the app. Equipped with night vision up to 40 feet, this camera has a max resolution of 1280x800p.

Cost if you buy it outside the equipment pack: $207

2GIG HD100 Indoor Camera

This is another great device by 2GIG, an HD 720p camera with PIR motion detection enhancement and integrated IR for night vision.

Cost if you buy it outside the equipment pack: $146

SkyBell HD Video Doorbell

This SkyBell product is compatible with Link Interactive and we think  is very appropriate when you are looking for a truly  smart home. If someone rings at your place, you will receive a notification in your smart device and you will be able to talk to the person allowing also permission to enter the  place by using the smart lock. The camera can be set also to alert you when it detect motion.

Cost if you buy it outside the equipment pack: $175 (via Link Interactive)

SmartCode 909 Traditional Deadbolt

This touchpad electronic deadbolt produced by Kwikset allows you to enter your home with just your personalized code. Of course you will get a back-up key just in case, but with keyless deadbolt you will be able to let someone of your trust get in even  if you are running late.

GC-TBZ48 Z-Wave Programmable Thermostat

This 2GIG is a battery powered Z-Wave Thermostat that works with any of the 2GIG’s Control Panels we talked at the beginning of the equipment list. Easy to install and to use, you can upgrade the firmware through an USB.

Cost if you buy it outside the equipment pack: $85

Other equipment

Other equipment worth mentioning are the Steam Video Recorder (provided by for Link Interactive at $390 – 1TB or $520 – 2TB) that allows you to record continued video, the Tilt Sensor (something you should get if you have a garage door, available at $40) and the FireFighter module ($55).

For Home Automation (available for the Gold and Elite packages and controlled via the app) you have again many different options. Let’s take a look at two of the smart devices you can pair with Link Interactive system

The Tech outside the Equipment

What else does Frontpoint offer?

Thanks to the partnership with, the company guided by the Gardners offers also home automation and almost complete control of your security system from the palm of your hands. As we’ve seen above, many are the devices you can pair when it comes to home security and automation; another great thing about Link Interactive is the fact that being all the devices they use wireless, if you need to move to another home you will be able to do so, also thanks to the Utahn company being a national home security provider.

While Link Interactive doesn’t have its own Monitoring Center, they rely on   AvantGuard for this task, a company that is one of the top in the nation and that offers both monitoring and hybrid monitoring. With an average response time of 20 seconds (from the time the alarm is triggered to the moment an operator responds), they are one of the quickest in the industry. For a company that uses state of the art technology only a company that offers state of the art monitoring could have gotten the job.

A final mention on this segment, even if it is not completely tech related, goes to the customer service of the company. Customer’s reviews are very positive and this is a reflection of how well prepared the agents are and of how this company is being ran. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that Link Interactive is a branch of a 60 years old family company that conduct business in a special way, they offer home security solutions not just for random customers but as it would be for their family and neighbours. That’s what makes this company stand out even outside the tech they offer.

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The Packs

Packages are very straightforward. You have 3 choices and while the Standard is the cheapest, for just a few more bucks you can get the Gold package that will give you basically all you need in order to have real home security. The Elite package instead, it is very useful for those that feel the need to have also cameras installed in the property:

  • Standard
  • Gold
  • Elite


Prices, Contracts and Equipment Packages

One of the things that we love about Link Interactive is their transparency, you will be able to find all the packages and prices information online. Link Interactive provides the possibility to sign a 1, 2 or 3-year contract.

When it comes to the  equipment, if you sign a 1 or 2-year contract you will only receive a Go!Control Panel and you will start building from there. If instead you decide to sign a three year contract you will be able to choose some packages for a more convenient equipment price than if you add equipment separately. While all the equipment you buy has a 3 years warranty, the Uthan company doesn’t offer equipment packages. As we said before this has pros and cons. The main pro is the fact that you can customize your security any way you want, the main con is that the choice you have to make might be overwhelming due to the huge amount of equipment you can pair with Link Interactive.

The monthly fees suffered many variations over the years but two things must be said regarding this point. First is that once you sign a contract your monthly fee is locked. Second is that recently the prices were lowered, showing once again that the vision of this company is to provide affordable security for everyone. When you compare the prices with the competition, you will see that Link Interactive offers lower prices and more services.

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Per Month

  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • intrusion, Fire, Crash and Smash Installation
  • smoke, Fire, CO detectors.

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Per Month

  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • intrusion, Fire, Crash and Smash Installation
  • Smoke, Fire, CO detectors;
  • Remote control online or via app
  • Energy management
  • Possibility of using complete home automation (lights, locks and thermostat)

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Per Month

  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Intrusion, Fire, Crash and Smash Installation
  • Smoke, Fire, CO detectors;
  • Remote control online or via app
  • Energy management
  • Possibility of using complete home automation (lights, locks and thermostat)
  • Monitoring Video
  • Motion activated video recording

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As we’ve said before, all the monitoring is 100% cellular. When we take a look at this packages, and while for small apartments the standard option might be enough, we really love what the gold package has to offer. As we always say, the future is here and home automations is every day more and more integrated into home security, if you are looking for a security system that could be expanded in the (near) future, to go with the gold package is a no brainer. If you have a big house instead, we always recommend cameras and when comparing with the competition, the elite package is a great deal. When you sign a 3-year contract this is the equipment you will get.

Standard, Gold, Elite Go!Control Panel, Door/Windows Sensors (x3), Motion Sensor (x1)

As you can see you will get the same basic equipment no matter which package you select. Once again, Link Interactive wants you to build your home security system like you like it the most and as you feel is more appropriate to you, this is a big company that works like a family company so you have complete freedom on this area.

Our review

It’s clear why Frontpoint is currently rated the top company in the security alarm marketplace, top of the edge technology, constant innovation, a great Customer Support that is always available to listen and recommend what is best for your needs without pressuring you to buy something you won’t need and the fact that the founders are still behind curtains directing the whole thing as it was the first day of the company, are key when it comes to offer a great service in this sector. We see no reasons on why, while continuing on this path, Frontpoint can’t be top company in the US for the years to come.

Customers reviews (from

What people say

I used Link Interactive’s security system on a personal level. Then I needed an affordable system for a couple of remote offices that I manage for my job and the installation of Link’s systems was easy. The features of the system are good and it’s always nice that there’s a device for whatever I would need protected. The smartphone feature makes it really easy as well. In addition, the representatives were always professional and their follow up was very good, which is again always nice.
TracySan Antonio, TX | Verified Reviewer
April 24, 2018

Link Interactive had the best prices and we were impressed with their customer service. When we installed the home security system, it was a little frustrating at some points but the customer service was super helpful and they made it easy to figure out. It is a great value for what we are paying for. The security system’s quality is good and it’s easy to use […] My husband is a lot more comfortable especially if he is at work at night and I’m at home.
AmyLansing, MI | Verified Reviewer
April 24, 2018

My Link Interactive system was a little confusing in the beginning, but as we started placing everything it became easier. One of the things that I would have like to have in the instructions is that when it talks about setting up the things that you put on the windows, it was not clear […] But eventually we just did it and everything is working well.
NestorMiami, FL | Verified Reviewer
May 4, 2017

I just remodeled my house and I wanted some extra security. Link Interactive’s cost seemed to be good and they were a bigger company, so I felt I could trust them. The gentleman I worked with was helpful, answered all my questions, and was low pressure. I unboxed the equipment and everything was set up already, so the installation was straightforward, though it took a little while because I had several sensors that I was using in the house. The system is a lot more advanced than my parents’ old school version which was the regular wired one with the analog keypad.
ThomasOld Bridge, NJ | Verified Reviewer
March 31, 2018

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