About us

The need to create a transparent space in the comparison of security systems and companies that are in the security market for all homes, is what has led this working group, that on this occasion speaks to you, to join together and to create Alarmadoo.

Over time we have realized that the lack of transparency has not been an issue happening just in our country and circumscript to the home security market only but it was a global issue that touched the US, UK and Australian market as well and that also has translated to security systems for restaurants, small business, companies and offices (among others). On top of this, we realized that there was a lack, out there in the internet, about how certain amount of security related issues were treated and communicated to regular people just like you and I, so we understood the need to bring to those who visit our website, information that could provide an education on topics that should be of essential knowledge when it comes to choosing a security system.

An international team that has users who experience our own technology that is spoken on these pages, users and editors who are interested in even the smallest detail to provide more information about the market and the experts who are dedicated to Analyze and compare the different systems that are presented in these pages.

At Alarmadoo we pride ourselves on the daily work and the passion we put on each piece you can find on these pages, because it is from the passion and commitment we have that we want to provide each of you with the information that is needed so that, when choosing an alarm system, you can feel completely confident in the fact that you are getting the security that both you and we crave for our loved ones.

This group that is Alarmadoo is committed to continue working always in pursuit of transparency so that each one of you doesn’t have to pass through what its founders had to pass when they had to choose their first security systems.

Rest assured that when you will be choosing your next security system we will be out there for you.


The Alarmadoo Team.